NJ Qualified Journeyman
Electrician License Renewal

In an effort to keep up with the advanced technology, the code changes every three years. In doing so our industry has decided that continuing education is required to maintain your Qualified Journeyman’s License. MTC Educational Services is here to help by offering our custom presentations.

Your required Continuing Education Requirements, Units of time: Contact Hours is 10 hours. Nine of these hours must be on the recent edition of the National Electrical Code and 1 hour on applicable state statute and rules.

Your renewal cycle is triennial, every 3 years, based on your Licensure Date.

A Licensee must attest that he or she has completed the required hours. MTC has developed NJ Board of Electrical Contractors approved custom courses to satisfy your requirements.

Per the change made in June 2009, any work performed on government property (state, municipality, county, or school district) must be carried out by a qualified journeyman electrician or a licenced electrical contractor. Electrical work cannot be installed by any employee without proper licensing.


Falsification of any information submitted by the licensee on your renewal application may require an application before the board and may result in penalties and/or suspension of your license.

Important Advisory

Meeting your continuing education requirements: who, how many, and when.

In 2009, Qualified Journeyman Electrician’s, Continuing Education Rules & Regulations were adopted, N.J.A.C. 45:5A-11.4, Continuing Education Requirement for License Renewals. These New Regulations mandate Continuing Education Hours when a Qualified Journeyman Electrician renews his/her License, within his/hers Triennial Renewal Cycle (every 3 years), as stated on his/hers Renewal Date (Licensure Date)

Licensures Dated March 31, 2018, That means that prior to renewing his/her License in 2021, a Licensee must complete a total of 10 Credit Hours of Continuing Education, consisting of 9 most recent edition of the National Electrical Code and 1 hour on applicable state statutes and rules.

An overall total of 10 Continuing Education Hours will be required for a Qualified Journeyman Electrician Licensee’s Renewal in 2021 which means a Licensee should complete this requirement well in advance of his/her renewal (during the 2009-2012 License Period).