NJ Electrical Contractors
License Renewal

In an effort to keep up with the advanced technology, the code changes every three years. In doing so our industry has decided that continuing education is required to maintain your license. MTC Educational Services is here to help by offering our custom presentations.

Your required 34 Hour Continuing Education Requirements must be completed by March 31, 2024. Contractor License renewals are due every three years by March 31st (the next deadline will be March 31, 2027). A Licensee must attest that he or she has completed the required hours. MTC has developed NJ Board of Electrical Contractors approved custom courses to satisfy your requirements.


Falsification of any information submitted by the licensee on your renewal application may require an application before the board and may result in penalties and/or suspension of your license.
Taking this action can cost you Thousands of Dollars.

Important Advisory

Meeting your continuing education requirements: who, how many, and when.

Continuing Education Rules and Regulations:

In 2002, Continuing Education Rules and Regulations were adopted, N.J.A.C. 13:31-1.7, Continuing Education Requirements. These regulations mandate additional Continuing Education Hours when a Licensee renews his/her License in 2024, for the Triennial Renewal Period of 2024 – 2027. That means that prior to renewing your License in 2024, a Licensee must complete 34 hours of Continuing Education which includes 9 hours of Code and 1 hour of Law, and 24 additional hours of Board Approved Trade Related courses/seminars. An overall total of 34 Continuing Education Hours will be required for a Licensee’s Renewal in 2024 which means a Licensee should complete this requirement well in advance of his/her renewal (during the 2024-2027 License Period).

In Person or On-Line Seminars

Sign up for your 24-Hour Trade Related Seminars current courses to start your license renewal
process, finishing with your mandated, 2-Day, 10-Hour Code/Law, 2023 NEC, NFPA 70 Seminar Presentation.


I could take CEU Classes in my backyard, but I prefer to drive the 2.5 Hours to attend MTC Educational Services Seminars, they are worth it! I think that says all that needs to be said.

North Jersey Electric, Plumbing & HVAC
Peter Wageman

Due to this crazy world we live in today, I have decided to take MTC’s online Zoom Classes, due to this pandemic COVID-19 era. Thought it would be boring. Not the case at all. Joe has set up his Zoom On-Line classes through simulcasting his in-person seminars. I actually feel like I am in the room. The only downfall was I was not able to have the dinner served at Cinders Wood Fire Grill. Outstanding job. Joe, keep up the good work. Thanks for the little thing you do for the industry.

A/Coe Communications Inc.
Scott L. Lefebvre

John Baptist, top right, poses with former employees that are now all self-employed Licensed Electrical Contractors, on October 22, 2020 at an MTC “10 Hour 2020 Code/Law Up-Date Course/Seminar” All attendees pictured are currently attending MTC Educational Services courses and have continued doing so since they received their contractor’s license.