Joe Bevacqua, far left bottom row, poses with longtime students on September 19, 2019 at a “How Well Can You Spot Violations” seminar. All attendees pictured have been attending MTC Educational Services courses since its inception in 1998.

I could take CEU Classes in my backyard, but I prefer to drive the 2.5 Hours to attend MTC Educational Services Seminars, they are worth it! I think that says all that needs to be said.

North Jersey Electric, Plumbing & HVAC
Peter Wageman

Having taken MTC’s courses in the past, I wanted a change of pace this past cycle and decided to pursue my CEU’s elsewhere. I was able to fulfil my CEU requirements, however the course material was lacking. I came back to MTC. Keep up the good work.

Dennis Dondero Electrical
Dennis Dondero

Joe was hired as my Senior Electrical Engineer / Project Manager / Designer full time from April, 1999 to December, 2008, and continues to be my electrical consultant today.

During his full-time employment, Joe was responsible for electrical design of new and/or renovated commercial, industrial and residential properties within New York City & the Metropolitan areas. He Consulted with engineers, architects, lighting designers, project managers and building owners during the design stage and issued construction documents based on their comments received. He designed electrical distribution systems for high-rise office buildings, apartment buildings, strip-malls, warehouses and various school projects. His electrical designs included service riser diagrams that included, main service equipment, distribution panelboards, & emergency power distribution systems. He represented building owners in Manhattan (NYC) at their board meetings and before the New York City Advisory Board providing service drawings & short circuit calculations. He redesigns electrical services for 32 story combined residential/commercial buildings providing construction drawings, bid specifications and supervised job site meetings for compliance specified within job specifications. He designed complete electrical packages for single family dwellings as small as 1,800 Square feet to as big as 38,000 square feet. He designed Emergency, Legally Required and Optional standby emergency generator systems. No job is too small or too large for his design skills. I highly recommend Joe for all your consulting needs.

Licensed Professional Engineer No. GE16140
Edward J. Hanington

MTC Educational was recommended to me by someone that took Joe’s private class to help him prepare for the Electrical Contractors Exam. Joe’s personal touch helped me finally pass the exam, that I failed multiple times. The way he teaches using his personal Home Study Material was very useful to me. The most important part I learned was understanding how the National Electrical Code Book works, breaking it down to a level that I was able to understand. It helped me understand the Code more profoundly…

Gene E. Evans
Randolph, NJ

Ever since I got my Electrical Contractors License thanks to Joe’s personal tutoring, I have used MTC Educational Services Continuing Education Seminars for my recertification. The quality of the instruction, the variety of the topics that are continuously improving and updated and his decade of real-world examples make this experience outstanding. Having a comfortable, high quality learning atmosphere and a delicious meal only enhances this experience. I highly recommend MTC classes for any Electrical Contractor.

Thomas J. Brankner
Glen Gardner, NJ

MTC Educational Services seminars are second to none.


NJECA Past-President
Jack Albert

I recently attended an MTC class entitled “How to spot Violations.” It was very informative and met the needs of the class. I have been attending MTC Educational Services classes for multiple years and it has been a great asset to me, my business and my employees. Not only have I met many great contractors and professional people in the electrical industry through Joe’s seminars, his classes keep me up to date with the industry changes and/or new requirements. MTC is also great if you need private classes for any reason. We took OSHA 30 classes for our crew and everyone involved had a great experience. I highly recommend Joe Bevacqua and his continuing education classes.

Paris Electric
Gary Paris

From what I have observed through taking MTC Educational Services seminars through the years, is that he teaches you to be a better Electrical contractor, not just the basic code changes. His custom presentation is based on real life situations. Please do not change your style. Love it.

Apollo Electrical Contractors, LLC
Michael Florio

Currently taking MTC’s CEU classes to fulfill my “Newly Received Electrical Contractors License” If it was not for Joe’s private tutoring, I would not have passed the exam. The way he takes the time to explain the material is greatly appreciated. As long as MTC is giving classes, he has a client for life.

G & S Electrical Contractors, LLC
Eugene E. Evans

Courses held in a great location, offers excellent food to enhance a well-run informative class filled with useful information and supplies hand out and or CD’s for future references. Will not take any other courses.

Q & S Electric, Co.
Joseph H. Stewart IV

Been taking MTC’s seminars for my required CEU, dating back to his early years. Joe’s seminars get better with age. Have no attention on going elseward. Keep up the good work.

D.M.L. Electrical Company, Inc.
Anthony Carpinello

Joe’s classes are educational, entertaining and yes sometimes even funny. Have yet to fall asleep at any of his classes, like I have with others, before taking Joe’s classes. Have no initiation of taking my required CEU’s else ware again.

Jason Batchelder

Due to this crazy world we live in today, I have decided to take MTC’s online Zoom Classes, due to this pandemic COVID-19 era. Thought it would be boring. Not the case at all. Joe has set up his Zoom On-Line classes through simulcasting his in-person seminars. I actually feel like I am in the room. The only downfall was I was not able to have the dinner served at Cinders Wood Fire Grill. Outstanding job. Joe, keep up the good work. Thanks for the little thing you do for the industry.

A/Coe Communications Inc.
Scott L. Lefebvre

I started my business in 1995, currently celebrating my 25th year. Through the 25 years in business resulted in 8 code change cycles. I have used MTC Educational Services for all my required CEU’s. I have recruited many other contractors to leave their instructors and take MTC classes. I would never use anyone else.

Fino Electric
Jeffery J. Fino

Have tried many other instructors, was recommended by friends to attend MTC’s classes. Joe did not disappoint, if fact he exceeded my expectations. Will highly recommend his classes to all Electrical Contractors that want to be informed.

J.T. Mase Electrical Corp
Dennis G. Redshaw